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About the Hamden Hill Ridge Riders

The Hamden Hill Ridge Riders is a snowmobile club based in the little town of Hamden in Delaware County, New York. We have over 70 miles of groomed trails that connect to the trails of 4 other snowmobile clubs in Delaware County for many more miles of enjoyable snowmobiling. We are all snowmobile enthusiasts who would love to have you join us.
We invite you to look around our site and find out more about us.

President - Donny Bender- 607-435-7801
Vice President - Don Trelease - 607-746-1543
Recording Secretary - Marilyn Armstrong - 607-865-8888

Membership Secretary - Cherie Pierce - 607-865-4544
Treasurer - Lauren Fletcher - 607-865-5507

Club News which is the minutes of our last meeting will let you know what we are up to lately and the Events page

The Club Application can be downloaded online

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Hamden Hill Ridge Riders
PO Box 113
Hamden, NY 13782

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